From Connection to Connecting.

The art of connecting is being, and being is connecting


12-13 April 2019       




 Marcia Ferstenfeld
Tel: 248.557.8621

The universe is not in a state of connection. It is connectING. It is an active, dynamic, ongoing dance between everything and everyone. It is not a state to achieve, it is a being that is busy unfolding.


This brought a huge shift in working with couples. One of the big shifts is that it is not about what we know about each other, it is how we are WITH each other. It is a shift from knowing each other to BEING with each other.


Learn how to apply the theory and techniques in Imago Relationship Therapy differently in sessions working with couples. It is not about getting couples in "connection", but it is to let them "connecting". It is to apply practically "being with each other", "connecting with each other".